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The Vladimir QC

The cold temperature is now well installed. We are now looking for comfort. This “Old…

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« La torri-fée » cocktail

The leaves are yellow, the sky is gray. Under the orange sun, that’s it, the…

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Pomme d’Hapi! cocktail

Autumn is the spring of winter but also the extension of summer. Take off your…

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Pitayana cocktail

The Pitayana is already very close to the ultimate refreshment but when it is turned…

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The end of the story for the Brumaire “Double Oak”

La Brumaire is our scotch ale matured 4 months in barrels of Bourbon. If you…

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New: S.I.R Popov

Now available from all good craft beer retailers, our brand new S.I.R Popov. Russian Imperial…

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The glass of Brasserie Générale

Here is the first official glass of Brasserie Générale ! For the occasion, he proudly…

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Bordo Birra: Belge Forte

The “Bordo Birra – Belge Forte ” is now available in some points of sale…

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