S.I.R Pedro

Russian imperial stout refined in tequila casks

Version of our Russian Imperial Stout enhanced in Tequila barrel. After several months of ripening, the Tequila brings its unique signature and gives way to a slightly astringent finish. Drink quietly and not too cold ... S.I.R. PEDRO; a firm authority under a soft appearance ...

14-16 °C



water, malt, sugar, hops, yeast.


Appearance | deep black

Nose | dark chocolate, coffee, spirit

Mouth | round, roasted

Alc/vol. | 11 %

IBU | 50

SRM | 35

Original density | 23,5 Plato

Final density | 3 Plato


The S.I.R Pedro is part of the batch of Russian Imperial Stout that we have matured in barrels of spirits. This Tequila version offers a unique experience brought by this particular alcohol. The chocolate aromas are accentuated by the Tequila cask. Then, we discover a fruity side. The throat is finally invaded by a heat that leaves the typical taste of Tequila behind. After several tastings, we can say that it is at its best at room temperature. Served too cold, it will be even disturbing.

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