S.I.R Nikolaï

Russian imperial stew refined in bourbon casks

14-16 °C


Variant of our RIS aged in Bourbon barrels. Dominent Bourbon flavors complement a rich, chocolaty and roasted stout. Drink quietly and not too cold ... S.I.R. NIKOLAÏ; a firm authority under a soft appearance ...


water, malted barley, sugar, hops, vanilla beans, yeast


Appearance | deep black

Nose | dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, spirit

Mouth | round, roasted

Alc/vol. | 11 %

IBU | 50

SRM | 35

Original density | 20 Plato

Final density | 3 Plato


In line with our "Russian sovereigns", the S.I.R Nikolai is refined in barrels of Bourbon for 6 months. To add complexity, we infused vanilla pods before bottling. Whatever the taste, this version of our Russian Imperial Stout is dangerously easy to drink. It is important to maintain a service temperature of 15 degrees and the temperature of the room.

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