S.I.R Bomb!

Decadent Imperial Russian Stout

14-16 °C


Here is our tribute to the best BOMB! brews from our neighbors from the south. This SIR was infused with cocoa chips, vanilla beans, coffee and hot peppers Piri Piri. Complex and decadent.


water, malt, sugar, hops, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, Piri-Piri pepper, yeast.


Appearance | deep black

Nose | intense dark chocolate, coffee, hot peppers

Mouth | round and spicy

Alc/vol. | 10,5 %

IBU | 50

SRM | 35

Original density | 20 Plato

Final density | 3 Plato


The S.I.R Bomb! is a new version of our Russian Imperial Stout, S.I.R Popov. Before bottling, the beer is cold-brewed with ground coffee, cocoa chips, vanilla beans and Piri-Piri peppers. It's an interpretation of a style born in the United States that involves intensifying already intense beers, Bombs! We have perfected the balance of flavors in cask in our summer season 2017. Cocoa and vanilla first hit to give way to coffee and chili leaves heat in the throat for a few minutes.

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