Millions de raisins

Sour Ale with grapes

Golden sour ale aged with our mixed fermentation culture for 12 months then refermented on Sabrevois and Marquette grapes from domaines Bel-Chas.


12-14 °C



water, malted barley, grapes, hops, yeast


Appearance | grape juice

Nose | fruity, wild

Mouth | sour, fruity

Alc/vol. | 7%

IBU | 2

SRM | n/a

Original density | 12,5 °P

Final density | 0 °P


We like to experiment various blends with the beers that mature in our cellar. Here we have used a sour beer base refined with several yeasts and bacteria over a long period. We wanted to collaborate for a long time with a local vineyard to showcase grape varieties grown in Quebec. These Sabrevois and Marquette grapes come from the Bel-Chas estate in the Bellechasse region. The quantity used is impressive and it tastes!

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