IPA East Coast inspired

India pale ale inspired by the East Coast style, brewed with varieties of tropical hops, with moderate bitterness and ample texture. Will always be easy to drink.

4-7 °C



water, malts, hops, yeasts.


Appearance | veiled

Nose | tropical fruits

Mouth | Bitter and fruity

Alc/vol. | 4.7%

IBU | 40

SRM | 2.8

Original density | 11.4 Plato

Final density | 2.5 Plato


This ÏZI is the second IPA out of the tanks of Brasserie Générale. For this beer, we were inspired by the new wave of IPAs from the East Coast that are full of tropical aromas of aromatic hops. Unlike most of its sisters, this IPA is rather light in alcohol but it keeps a loose body. Its name comes from "easy" for an IPA that is easy to drink and "hazy" for its veiled appearance. Finally, for us it's just ÏZI ...

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