Houblon atomique

American IPA

The Houblon Atomique is our version of an American IPA. These bold beers contain large amounts of hops that impose their intense flavors and aromas. Grapefruit and pine notes dominate the nose. Fruity and resinous flavors invade the palate and give way to a malty and bitter finish. The bitterness is strong, but balanced, giving a velvety impression.

6-10 °C



water, local malted barley, hops, yeast.


Appearance | blonde

Nose | grapefruit, pine, floral

Mouth | bitter

Alc/vol. | 6,7%

IBU | 15

SRM | 5

Original density | 15,4 Plato

Final density | 2,5 Plato


The Houblon Atomique is our vision of a modern IPA. Possessing American influences from the west coast for its alcohol content and hops with resinous aromas, to the east coast for its yeast and roundness. The hops used are Colombus, Mosaïc, Cascade des Jarrets Noirs from Beauce, and the Experimental Grapefruit. The bitterness is present but leaves room for a slightly fruity finish.

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