Scotch ale refined in bourbon casks

Our Brumaire is a Scotch Ale refined 4 months in barrel of Bourbon. This complex and balanced brown beer reveals aromas of vanilla and bourbon. Its richness on the palate evokes caramel and oak, all complemented by a slight astringency. A hint of alcohol amalgamates pleasantly with its sweet finish.

4-8 °C



water, malted barley, sugar, hops, yeast.


Appearance | brown

Nose | vanilla, bourbon

Mouth | caramel, wood

Alc/vol. | 8 %

IBU | 18

SRM | 24

Original density | 18,5 Plato

Final density | 4 Plato


La Brumaire is our first beer refined in oak barrels. We chose to use barrels containing Bourbon because the harmony between the caramelized side of Scotch Ale and the vanilla aromas brought by contact with wood is quite natural. We assemble it before the bottling so that the taste of the Scotch Ale is not erased by the beer in barrels. Finally, its affordable price for a beer of this style makes it a star in our range of products.

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