Bordo Birra 2017

Fine-ripened wheat wine in pinot noir

The Bordo Birra series presents different styles of refined beers in wine barrels. This limited brew makes us discover a wine of wheat matured in barrels of Pinot Noir for 10 months.

4-8 °C



water, malts, hops, yeast.


Appearance | coppery

Nose | wood, red wine

Mouth | fruity, tannic

Alc/vol. | 10,5 %

IBU | 32

SRM | 5

Original density | 18,9 Plato

Final density | 0,5 Plato


Each year, we fill a few barrels of selected wines to create the Bordo Birra causing, each year, its style and its signature. 2017 will be the year of barrels of Pinot Noir and a fairly strong wheat wine. The long period where beer stays in these barrels gives it their powerful aromas of wood. This same wood also brings some tannins which gives an impression of drought in the mouth.

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